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Bathymetric Survey

BJNorth bathymetric survey is used to survey and study the beds or floors of water bodies including lakes, streams, dams and rivers.

What is it?

Bathymetric survey is the underwater equivalent to a topographic survey and to study and provide an accurate model of the bed or floor of a body of water.   

BJNorth offer both manned and unmanned Bathymetric survey solutions for streams, rivers, channels, reservoirs, lakes, dams and other water bodies, delivering point clouds, underwater contours, 3D profiling and sidewall mapping.

The manned equipment consists of a lightweight 3.0m ‘tinny’ with 6HP 4-Stroke outboard. This configuration leaves minimal impact on the environment and the 4-Stroke motor is acceptable to environmentally sensitive lakes and waterways, subject to client and/or government approval. The Ohmex Sonarmite BT equipment connects with the Trimble suite of equipment and can be used with either GPS or Conventional instruments or a blend of both simultaneously. It is suitable for use under Bridges, adjacent steep riverbanks, Jetties by switching to conventional instruments previously setup onshore. Accuracy is to centimetres.

If the need arises for a larger boat due to safety in more open or busy waters, the equipment is simply placed in a larger boat. Generally the operation is by a single user.

BJ North also offer Unmanned Bathymetric Survey solutions. The advanced sonar systems on the unmanned vessel ensures accurate and reliable representation of features and provides the capability of accessing shallow and near-inaccessible areas where traditional boats cannot be used.

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