Professional Surveying Services in:

3D Laser Scanning

BJNorth offers comprehensive 3D laser scanning services for the safe and rapid collection of 3D data, with immense detail and accuracy. The data collected can then be used to construct digital three-dimensional models.

BJNorth Terrestrial Laser Scanning & Modelling Services for:

  • High intensity data ( average 30mm grid)
  • High integrity data ( individual pts +/- 5mm)
  • Quick capture (1 million points per 15 minutes cycle)
  • Safe working environment ( don’t need to physically access the points to be captured)
  • Everything is captured. If the scope of works change or additional information is required it can be extracted from the point. cloud without having to revisit the site
  • Long term advantage is data can be used for future projects
  • Provide an archive or “as-construct” for a point in time
  • Provides instant 3D digital model of subject and provides end user with powerful visual tool
  • Capture can be undertaken at night or during daylight.

Fab Shop Dimensional Control Survey:

  • Survey of spools
  • Prepare Isometrics and report for dimensional quality checks
  • Onsite survey of proposed spool tie in points
3D Spool - Scanned
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