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Our most valuable Assets are our employees

To deliver our client promise of delivering beyond expectation with quality and reliability in Engineering and Mapping survey services, BJNorth pride themselves in their commitment to developing the skills of our surveyors.

Through the keeping up to date with the latest technological advances and ensuring our surveyor skills are kept up to date with these latest technologies we attract quality staff who are leaders in our industry.

BJNorth recognise the importance and value of maintaining and teaching the traditional surveying skills to their younger surveys, giving them a well-rounded skill set and the ability to blend the traditional with the modern methods ensuring the clients receive the correct solutions and outcomes.

BJNorth working experience offers:

  • A flexible work environment where senior management is accessible and hands on with projects
  • The opportunity to work alongside expert Surveyors who will provide you with ‘on the job’ mentoring in engineering, mapping, LIDAR & 3D scanning
  • The opportunity to grow your level of knowledge and skill through being part of a business that engages in a diverse array of survey disciplines
  • Involvement with a diverse range of clients and industries
  • Support for employees with external study commitments
  • Potential travel opportunities with projects Australia wide and off-shore
  • A company who is committed to the health and safety of its employees


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