BJNorth Mapping

Professional Surveying Services in:


With their expertise BJNorth provide large scale and small scale mapping service Australia wide.

The collected information allows the production of highly accurate data and 3D models. Covering large areas in a much shorter time span, the application of this technology fits favourably with areas such as quarries, mines, stockpiles, large infrastructure projects, sites with access difficulties and inhospitable terrain.

BJNorth provide combined surveying & mapping services utilizing the latest resources and technologies:

  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning (long range and short range)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for photogrammetry (small projects)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for LIDAR (small projects)
  • Conventional aircraft for photogrammetry
  • Conventional aircraft for LIDAR capture
  • GPS/GLONASS Surveys
  • Conventional Surveys (Robotic Total Stations)

BJNorth Mapping Survey Services For:

  • Exploration

  • Mapping mine surfaces for volumes and production planning

  • Stockpile mapping for volumes

  • Topographic mapping

  • Infrastructure corridor

  • Large infrastructure projects

  • Investigation or route selection

  • Concept Design

  • Engineering designs

  • Asset Management

  • Emergency rehabilitation

  • Flood studies

  • Aerial photography

  • Photogrammetry for Surveying and mapping to ascertain measurement between objects

  • Airborne laser scanning for highly accurate and efficient capture of 3Ddata of large areas including agriculture, forestry, urban areas, industrial sites.

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